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Abuse-ButtonIf you suspect abuse, neglect or that a child may be in danger, contact DHS Child Protective Services:
Yamhill County: 800-854-3508  |  503-378-6704
Polk County800-854-3508  |  503-378-6704
llamook County: 877-302-0077
For Emergencies:  Dial 911 


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Thank you, Grantors, and all who support
contribute to child safety and protection.

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Our Mission:   To provide compassionate
intervention through prevention,
assessment and support for children
and families who may have been
impacted by child abuse. We serve
Yamhill, Polk and Tillamook
Counties, bringing those involved in a
child abuse investigation to the child
in one child-friendly location.
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Prevention Arc SummaryContact us for more information
about any of our prevention programs.

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