Family Support Team:

Family Support Team are volunteer interns from local colleges and universities who are trained to work with the children and families on the day of assessment, and also help them afterwards to connect with counseling and other community resources to start on a healing path. See the section about “Family Support Team” for more information and how to apply.

Administrative Support:

Basic clerical support. These volunteers do not have direct contact with children or families. Hours are varied and flexible, depending on our need and your time availability.

Special Projects:

Use your special talents or skills to help Juliette’s House and the children we serve. Perhaps you have an idea for a one-time project, or want to use your special skills or interests to help with on-going donations of time and energy. Talk to us and let’s try to come up with a project or niche that’s right for you.

Be A Friend Of Juliette’s House:

Perhaps you would like to take an active role in fundraising and community relations efforts. Let’s talk!

Event Volunteers:

We have a variety of awareness and fundraising events throughout the year for which we need volunteers, both to help prepare for the event and to help during the event. There are lots of different jobs, and one may be just the volunteer experience you are looking for.


For more information on volunteering for Juliette’s House, contact:

Chelsea Siegner, Volunteer Coordinator
Ph: 503-687-1315