When a child is abused the whole family is affected. Parents struggle with their own emotions, while trying to provide support and guidance to their child. During this difficult time, families face a complex system of legal, medical and mental health issues, services and support. No family should have to face it alone.

At Juliette’s House we bring a variety of professionals together under one roof so families can access a full range of services in one centralized, child-friendly location. We introduce services quickly so children and families can begin healing.

In cooperation with law enforcement and child protective services we perform thorough medically-based evaluations using specially trained examiners and interviewers in a comfortable, home-like setting.

All allegations of child abuse deserve a skillful, complete assessment by specialized professionals.  At Juliettes House we strive to make an accurate determination of child abuse with minimal trauma to the child.  Our primary goal is medical diagnosis and treatment of alleged child abuse victims.

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